Copyright 2009, Roy Anne Moulton, Degreed Horticulturalist, Certified Landscape Professional
Roy Anne can help you:
• Learn about design
• Identify plants and how to care for them
• Create new gardens & landscape features
• Improve existing ones
• Learn how & when to prune
• Identify and treat insect and disease problems
• Create exciting pots for the patio
• Rejuvenate overgrown landscapes
• Encourage wildlife and birds into the garden
• Enhance curb appeal of homes on the market
• And, most important – learn how to relax and enjoy the garden!
What a Garden Coach DOES NOT do:
• Force a garden style on you
• Draw expensive (and often unworkable) design plans (Instead, we work with rough sketches and practical on-site evaluation)
• Talk “over your head” (Roy Anne’s goal is to get you excited and empowered about gardening)